JRSIV & Trilla featured on uLoops

As I’ve noted before here at the Blog, the Android smartphone uLoops application has been an unbelievable find for me. As a musician, the community there is awesome; hundreds of like minded individuals sharing their passion for music. For in a world of email, Twitter and Tetris games, these musicians are making MUSIC, good music, on their cellphones…an unreal achievement technologically and personally for uloops developers Sebastian Marconi and Juan Bordon.

I was fortunate enough to have one of my first songs on uLoops “featured”, a nod from the developers that puts the song on the home page and is more or less a sign of respect and accomplishment sought by the community. I was flattered and still am. Well, I’m lucky enough to have another featured song, but this time it’s a shared honor with a great rapper/DJ from Denver, CO named Trilla.

I published a piano instrumental dedicated to my cousin Sean, who passed away unexpectedly this time last year. It’s a melancholy piece in Em called “SpearFish” (http://uloops.net/bank/5036132), and it’s one of my “experiments” that I’m  very proud of. Trilla immediately informed me on the comments page of the song that he wanted to remix it and add some vocals. I was beyond flattered, as Trilla is one of the best rappers on uLoops OR anywhere else! He’s that good.

His remix, “Sands Of Time” http://uloops.net/bank/5216816), floored me! When I played it for my wife Michele she started to cry! Yeah, heavy shit. It’s beautiful, if I do say so myself. The fact that two different artists could collaborate on a song hundreds of miles away without even meeting in person speaks volumes for where we are in 2010 technologically speaking. uLoops is on the cutting edge of the “wave of wonder” we take for granted  so easily.  I encourage anyone who loves music to check it out and to use the links above to listen to the songs in this article. Thanks again Trilla and to everyone in the uLoops universe.

Be cool, JRSIV

“Sands Of Time” & “Monkey World” on the uLoops.net feature page.


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